Thursday, 15 July 2010

Magazine Advert

This is our magazine cover for our digipack.
We chose this picture as we though it would best fit as it features the whole 'band' and it has the same picture as the DVD cover- Intertextuality

We also used the same colour scheme.

DVD cover

This is our DVD cover for our 1 minute music video

We chose the black background as it fits with the 'rock' theme and the name of the song. The red writing is an extreme contrast which makes it stand out, also easy to read.

We chose to make our picture black and white to also fit with the theme of the background. We also thought it looked more professional.

We got the 12 certificate of the internet because the style of the song and fact that there would be adult content featured in the rock DVD.

Friday, 9 July 2010

DVD analysis

We analysed the DVD for 'Steps Gold: Greatest hits'.

The front cover has the four members of the band, clearly in the middle with the Title (name of the band) above them. Easily recognizable to any audience
Underneath it also has the name of the DVD itself. The band members are wearing gold costumes, which links with the name of the DVD. This is creating almost a theme.

The back has a list of the song names with running times of each song in the centre of the back cover. It also above has a description of what is featured in the DVD, for example music videos, a video shoot and some never before seen footage.
Underneath the song titles there is a collage of screen shots featured in the DVD, they are all close ups of band members, this is selling the artist.
At the very bottom it Copyrights, technical, credits, barcode and small print. It also includes a website for more information on Steps for their fan base and also information about the record company.
However it does not include an age certificate. Meaning it appeals to a wider audience as anyone any age can watch it even buy it.

On the inside, it has the actual DVD on the right hand side. It has a strip running along the bottom with information on the Gold: Greatest Hits tour dates.
Also behind the DVD it has a list of previous singles with the single covers, which i assume are included in the DVD.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Analyse the feedback

We think the feedback was mainly correct. If we had more room then we could have done a range of shots and had a better layout.

As the task was not to copy the origonal we wore our own clothes and didn't completely copy the band. Although the clothes that ACDC wore were not big and wacky.

Our idea was to spoof guitar hero so we didn't want to use real instruments as this is just a stereotypical representation of the music genre.

Overall we are happy with our feedback, we think it is fair and now know what we can do to improve for next time

Feedback from U256

Voyeurism- Need more varied shots and close ups of other members
Genre Characteristics- Matched genre due to probs of instruments e.g guitars and band image
Visuals/Music- Video matched beat of music and gave a band image
Visuals/Lyrics- visuals didnt really match lyrics, lip syncing was good
Intertextuality- Guitar Hero guitars, Bongo drums,
Need to Sell Artist- Focues on singer and looks like a good band.

U2 - 57

The selling off the artist was good as there was lots of focus on the band and the lead singer during the video.
The voyeurism was pretty good as the band moved around while playing instead of just standing still and the lip-synching was well done.
The visuals fitted the music, because it was a typical rock video with lots of head banging and focus on the band. Therefore it also fitted the genre characteristics of a rock video.
The video could be improved by using a more interesting background, and using more bold and wacky costumes.
This video was good as it met the conventions of a rock genre. these are main focus on the main singer, many other instruments in the background.
It showed the band and the instruments they are playing.
The dark lighting was appropriate for the genre and they performed visuals with the lyrics.
In this video there was a lack of voyeurism. The lip sync was good, as the voice pretty much matches the sound. Guitar Hero was shown in the video which helps sell this as well as the artist.
If i was to do this differently i would use real guitars and more variety of shot angles.
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